Manfrotto/マンフロット 【納期にお時間がかかります】509HD.536K PRO SINGLE CF KIT 100

Lacor-55224-SAUTE PAN CHEF-LUXE D.24 Cms.

Lacor is a manufacturer that fully caters to the needs of gastronomers and connoisseurs. Lacor offers a range of pleasing products which are not only used domestically but also in five-star hotels.
As well as covering stainless steel kitchenware in a wide array of shapes and sizes, the range also includes table utensils, bake ware and tea and coffee sets.

The body is made from 18/10 stainless steel with excellent resistance to corrosion, food acid and salts, and is reinforced by an ultra-thick edge that allows for easy pouring. The bottom is of double thickness with satin-finish on both the inside and outside, and it alse features a mirror polished rim. The handles and knobs are made of 18/10 welded steel tube and are airtight, heat-resistant and ergonomic.
With a sandwich thermoradiant bottom (stainless steel--aluminium--stainless steel), it is suitable for gas, electric, glass ceramic and induction hobs. The angled bottom and easily accessible spots on the handles make the dish easy to clean.

Dimensions: 23.88 x 23.88 x 7.62 centimetres (1.52 kg)

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22145 ハワプロリノ プラス80 壁付仕様オプション 一覧 壁付プロファイル(2500mm)【スガツネ工業】 03035454-001【03035454-001】


Lacor-55224-SAUTE PAN CHEF-LUXE D.24 Cms。 - Lacor-55224-SAUTE PAN CHEF-LUXE D.24 Cms.

インソール 中敷 シューズ衝撃吸収 フットケア 防臭加工安定感抜群 yd3-02

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