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  • The Technical Services Department

    This department offers Maintenance Service Contracts and provides the very best in engineering and technical support services. Our technical team, comprising RICOH trained and certified Technicians, offers a total of 100 years of combined experience. DOS is committed to customer satisfaction. That’s why we guarantee a response time of three hours to calls within the KSAC area, and twenty-four hours island wide.
  • DOS 2009 LimitedThe Office Equipment Division

    This division stocks a full line of multi-functional units including: copiers, scanners, facsimile machines, and printers.
  • DOS 2009 LimitedThe Office Equipment Sales Division

    This division provides various options for acquiring equipment:
    Lease Option: fixed-period contract with a buy option at the end of the lease for a nominal fee.
    Rental: client rents and maintains equipment, and receives a toner allocation for a predetermined number of copies, which, if exceeded, is paid for by client.
    Cost per Copy (CpC): contract for predetermined period at a flat fee, inclusive of maintenance and consumables. Clients are charged according to monthly meter readings, which indicate the number of prints made for the month.
  • DOS 2009 LimitedThe Document Management Services Division

    This division provides cutting-edge solutions to large and mid-market companies looking for easier and more affordable marketing tools. Solutions include:
    Document Storage
    Content Management
    Variable Data Printing and Software

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  • DOS 2009 LimitedEquipment Management Services Division

    This division provides @Remote as the principal software product. @Remote is a service solution that utilises a single connected hardware appliance to collect device data facilitates remote management of devices, optimises device usage and reduces the organization’s total cost of operations (TCO). @Remote has been deployed at 12 of our major accounts that require meter readings for billing.
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We have partnered with top named companies so that we can offer not only the best quality services but also ensure that those services are fast, safe, reliable and secure.
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