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Founded in 2003 and located at 119-121 East Street, Kingston, DOS 2009 Ltd has enjoyed over ten (10) years of continuous growth. We are the providers of multi-functional office equipment, document management systems, relevant printing solutions, and first-class technical and engineering support services for the full outlay of your document and IT infrastructure.

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DOS 2009 Ltd is a world-class organisation committed to creating value for all our stakeholders by providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. We believe in delivering document management solutions that are simple and cost effective, and which enhance the productivity and efficiency of our clients’ businesses.

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To become the most desirable company for providing a flexible and complete eco-friendly system, designed to promote efficiency and transform our customers’ operations in every way imaginable.
With our solid reputation for quality and firm commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry, DOS has brought to Jamaica the world-renowned brand RICOH, widely acclaimed for its excellent range of products, services and solutions. As RICOH’S local authorised dealer and one of its premier business partners, we bring their cutting-edge technology and proficient service to your front door.
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The RICOH Advantage:

RICOH has gained worldwide success and remains the leader in its industry, not only for its originality and advanced quality but because it is people-centric. RICOH was founded on a vision for ‘innovation and change’. Through market research, experiments and customer feedback RICOH was able to build and tailor all its devices to suit and meet all printing and document needs. RICOH promises to transform your operations in every way you ever imagined.

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Managed Print Services

What is MPS?
Managed Print Services (MPS) sometimes referred to as print managed services – is the management and optimization of networked imaging devices (printers, MFPs, etc.). MPS helps your customers better understand and manage their device and document costs while you provide them the service and supplies they need.

DOS Customer Solutions Program Supports Your MPS Initiatives
With the Customer Solutions Program, DOS is investing in valuable, strategically-focused programs and services designed to make your business more efficient, profitable and successful – in this way, DOS is your true business partner. The program provides customers with a Print Management systems that allows customers to track control and budget for printing in the organization...this allows reporting on high volume usage redirect volume printing to more efficient machines, track users, and even document type for security of you business most valuable asset, your data. This support helps keep you in control of device fleets while maximizing your profitability, and DOS wide range of reliable, high-quality products and competitive prices enables you to maintain that profitability throughout the life of your MPS contracts. This flexible program can be customized based on business needs that align with your specific organizational goals and objectives.

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Our Partners

We have partnered with top named companies so that we can offer not only the best quality services but also ensure that those services are fast, safe, reliable and secure.
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