Privacy Policy

D.O.S. 2009 Ltd Company, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as D.O.S.) recognizes the importance of “Protection and use of personal information” in the global information society. In handling all personal information provided in the course of business, D.O.S. will comply with relevant laws and regulations and other criteria. Furthermore, D.O.S. will implement, apply, and manage voluntary rules in view of international trends for personal information protection. The rules will be instructed to and followed by all employees and other parties concerned, and will be maintained and reviewed continually.

  1. D.O.S. will acquire personal information by lawful and appropriate means, and will not collect personal information by improper means.|
  2. D.O.S. will specify the purposes of use of personal information, and handle the personal information within the scope necessary for accomplishing the purposes of use.
  3. D.O.S. will endeavor to keep the acquired personal information accurate and up-to-date within the scope necessary for the purposes of use.
  4. D.O.S. will take necessary and appropriate steps such as protection from destruction, leakage, and modification, etc. to ensure the security of personal information in handling the personal information.
  5. D.O.S. will give proper consideration to allow a person who is the subject of personal information (the principal) to be appropriately involved in the handling of same information.
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